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K Tech Consulting is an independent specialist in Technical Security.  Highly accomplished experts in Security and Safety Systems, K Tech Consulting are adept in a wide range of disciplines including Video Surveillance; Electronic and Physical Access Control; Intruder Detection; Scanning; Control Rooms; Management Systems and Integration.  K Tech creates value through the application of knowledge and sound engineering principles.   

Communication is fundamental to achieving our deliverables.  Key to K Tech's success is extensive technical expertise coupled with an acute understanding of business culture and working practices throughout the Middle East.  An attitude of perseverance and pride, together with a thirst for knowledge ensures our finger remains on the pulse; we understand our business, we are abreast of new technologies and trends, and we remain current in an ever-changing world so our clients can rely on us.

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ex·cel·ence (´εk sə ləns) n.

“..the quality of being outstanding..”

Oxford English Dictionary

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